Winter Fertilizer – The Season Finale


temperatures drop as winter arrives with snowFertilizing in the winter may seem like an odd thing to do. After all, plants can’t grow in freezing temperatures, right? Although that is true, your lawn still needs nutrients to endure the winter. The importance of winter fertilizer is often misunderstood.  Successful lawn care is about planning ahead.  We do a winter fertilization to stimulate the grass roots and make sure that things are good and healthy as the lawn goes into dormancy.  It is part of our turf chemical package for fescue lawns.

Winter fertilizer is the most important of all fertilizers.  Winterizer helps the roots of the grass absorb and store nutrients.  The roots continue to grow until the ground eventually freezes.  These nutrients are stored and ready to go, so when spring comes around, your lawn hits the ground running.


Winter fertilizer is the perfect follow-up to aeration, seeding, and starter fertilizer in later September/early October.  We typically do our application in December, following the final mow or leaf removal.  The turf has slowed down its growth, but has not gone dormant yet.  The advantage of this timing is the new (but delicate) grass roots have developed and can intake nutrients – all before the ground has reached frigid temperatures. 

Winterizer contains two key macro nutrients, nitrogen and potassium. Because of reduced sunlight and photosynthesis in winter, these nutrients are vital for sugar production and carbohydrate metabolism.  Think of bears feasting on big meals before hibernating for the winter!

grass roots stimulated by winter fertilizer

High levels of NITROGEN build up and store food reserves before the ground goes dormant. It feeds the grass during the winter months, ready to go when the soil warms up and the spring growing season begins.   Winterizer fertilizer also contains more POTASSIUM than regular fertilizer. Potassium is very important for cold tolerance and stress resistance.  Together nitrogen and potassium (1) help the turf establish a deep root system; and (2) helps the grass make it through severe winter conditions.

You’ll notice your yard will look much greener during the winter months. When the right amount of winterizer fertilizer is applied at the right time, your grass will look incredible when spring rolls around.  You will also benefit from a jump start to faster growth in early spring.  Growing good grass is always the best way to control weeds.  It’s a win-win for our customers and their lawns.

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