Lawn Care Service

  • General lawn care consultation
  • Affordable maintenance programs
  • No annual contract required

Customized Premium Turf Programs

Late winter: granular application (#1) of pre-emergent herbicide for the prevention of crabgrass plus balanced fertilizer for early spring green-up

Spring: liquid spray application (#2) of pre-emergent herbicide and spring fertilizer with the addition of broadleaf herbicide for post-emergent weed control

Summer: liquid spray application of fungicide for brown patch plus chelated iron for green color renewal

Treatments as needed

Spot spray for broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, or nutsedge suppression; granular applications for grub worms or fire ant control

Fall turf builder

Core aeration (with walk-behind aerator)
Seed (certified tall fescue select blend)
Fertilizer (starter fertilizer)
Lime (fast-acting, pelletized limestone)

December: granular application of a balanced winter fertilizer to build strong roots

Horticultural Maintenance

Shrub ornamental care:

  • Herbicides – Fungicides – Insecticides
  • Seasonal color (annuals)

Weed control in ornamental beds:

  • Herbicides
  • Long leaf pine needles


Weekly Service Includes:

  • Mowing
  • Line trimming of beds, trees, fence lines, and concrete edges
  • Blowing clippings and leaves from all curbs, walks, drives, patios, and decks

Fall Leaf Removal

Debris removal, blow out ornamental beds, and leaf vacuum of lawn, late October through December and spring clean-up in February

Our service area currently includes select areas of Gastonia. We do not offer one-time, bi-weekly, or as-needed mowing. Please note that our landscaping services (horticultural maintenance, turf programs, and leaf removal) are only available to our weekly mowing clients.

For residential homes with gates, our professional equipment requires a 52-inch clearance.