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Creating Winter Interest in the Landscape

winter landscape in gastonia ncNow that the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day are over, take a breath of fresh air.  The weather in Gastonia, NC has been pretty drab over the past two months with lots of gloomy skies and what seems like never ending rain.  While we are anxiously waiting for the arrival of spring in a few weeks, now is a great time to look out your windows and evaluate your landscape.  Consider barren spots where you may want to incorporate winter interest into the landscape for next year. 



Winter interest can include color, texture, built elements, and birds.  All of these can make attractive contributions to the landscape.winter elements in gastonia nc


Winter interest plants that radiate color or texture may include:

  • Bulbs that bloom early (crocus and daffodils)
  • Evergreen plants that bloom early (lenten roses and japonica camellias)
  • Evergreen shrubs with red berries (holly species)
  • Deciduous shrubs with striking twig color (red twig dogwood)
  • Trees with stunning bark texture (river birch)


Built elements include benches, stone walls, pergolas, and other architectural focal points.



A bird feeder can animate the garden with a constant flurry of activity.  Winter birds need food, water, and cover.


Morrison Lawn & Landscape is ready to take the work off your hands and help you to prepare your landscape for the winter.  If you have interest for us to visit your Gastonia, NC property for a free consultation for lawn service and landscaping needs, contact us today at (704) 813-2545.  Click here to contact us via email.